Papers by Cormac Gallagher

The first three articles are occasional pieces. With the foundation of The Letter they are usually articulations of one aspect of a topic being dealt with in a particular issue and should be read in the context of the other papers in that issue.


  1. ‘A stranger to myself: alienation in the Spiritual exercises of St Ignatius’. Anglo-Irish Symposium on Ignatian Spirituality, 1978, [Revised]
  2. ‘The function of the father in the contemporary family: psychoanalytic notes’. Studies, an Irish quarterly review, Summer 1986, pp 130-138
  3. ‘The psychologist as psychoanalyst: the proper study of mankind’ The Irish Journal of Psychology, 1987, VIII, 2, 111-126

1994 –    in The Letter, Irish Journal for Lacanian Psychoanalysis.

  1. ‘Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam: an Irish stew?’ Summer 1994 [First meeting of the European Foundation for Psychoanalysis, Dublin, 1992]
  2. ‘The Historical Development and Clinical Implications of Jacques Lacan’s Optical Schema’ Cormac Gallagher and Mary Darby. Autumn 1994.
  3. ‘Hysteria: does it exist?’ Spring 1995 [Royal College of Psychiatry in Ireland]
  4. ‘Lacan’s summary of Seminar XI’. Autumn 1995
  5. ‘High anxiety: a theoretical and clinical challenge to psychoanalysis’. Spring 1996 [American Lacanian Conference: Chicago]
  6. ‘Religion and obsessional neurosis.’ Autumn 1996 [Association of Moral Theologians in Ireland]
  7. ‘Being, knowing and sexual difference’. Spring 1997
  8. “Despair despair despair…spare” – affect in Lacanian theory and practice. Autumn 1997 [University Association for Psychoanalytic Studies Canterbury]
  9. “Ireland, Mother Ireland”: an essay in psychoanalytic symbolism’. Spring 1998
  10. ‘Lacan for beginners: Dora and Little Hans.’ Summer 1998
  11. ‘Jacques Lacan’s summary of the Seminar of 1966-1967: The logic of phantasy.’ Spring 1999
  12. ‘Sexual difference in the logic of phantasy’. Autumn 1999 [Nomos Conference, Rome, May 1999]
  13. ‘A reading of the Psychoanalytic Act (1967-68).’ Spring 2000
  14. ‘Lacan’s summary the Psychoanalytic Act’. Spring 2000
  15. ‘On first looking into Foucault’s History’. Autumn 2000
  16. ‘From an Other to the other: an overview’. Spring 2001
  17. ‘2001 International Symposium on Psychoanalytic Research at Bejing University.’ Summer 2001
  18. ‘What does Jacques Lacan see in Blaise Pascal?’ Autumn 2001 [Bejing Symposium April 2001]
  19. ‘The new tyranny of knowledge: Seminar XVII (1969-70) – background and overview’. Spring 2002
  20. ‘On a discourse that might not be a semblance: Seminar XVIII (1971): a collage.’ Spring 2003
  21. ‘Where was Jacques Lacan in 1971-72?…Ou pire and The knowledge of the psychoanalyst.’ Spring 2004.
  22. ‘Re-Englishing Encore’. Spring 2005
  23. ‘Nets to knots: the odyssey to a beyond of barbarism.’ Autumn 2005 [International Joyce-Lacan conference, Dublin Castle 2005]
  24. ‘Lacan’s Viator and The time traveller’s wife.’ Spring 2006
  25. ‘From Freud’s mythology of sexuality to Lacan’s formulae of sexuation.’ Autumn 2006
  26. ‘Introduction to Guy Le Gaufey’s article on sexuation.’ Autumn 2008
  27. ‘Laytour, late tour, l’étourdit.’ Summer 2009
  28. ‘The patient as actor: notall in the case presentation.’ Autumn 2009
  29. ‘The Founding Act, the Cartel and the riddle of the PLUS ONE.’ Summer 2010
  30. ‘Psychological Object or Speaking Subject: from Diagnosis to Case Re-presentation.’ Spring 2011
  31. ‘What can we learn from Freud’s critique of religion?’ Summer 2011
  32. ‘Blessed are the Pacemakers – Dementia, Psychosis, and the Psychoanalytical Discourse’ Spring/Summer 2014