Translations of books and articles on Lacan’s work

Listed here is a book by Charles Melman, and final drafts of works by Guy Le Gaufey and Christian Fierens outstanding commentators of Lacan who have lead a number of study days in Ireland. Translations of articles by some other authors, all published in The Letter, are also listed.


1. Charles Melman Returning to Schreber, 1994-1995 Seminar on psychosis.

This translation of Charles Melman’s year-long seminar on Scheber offers a privileged insight into a unique style of teaching which by its clinical richness, its lucidity and its spontaneity has formed a whole new generation of Lacanian psychoanalysts.  Further examples are given in the articles listed below.

2(a. CHRISTIAN FIERENS   READING  l’ETOURDIT, Lacan 1972. (2002)

This commentary on Lacan’s most difficult piece of writing has opened up a precious text that for the majority of readers had remained impenetrable since its publication more than a generation before.  It is hard to over-emphasise its importance for a fruitful reading of Lacan’s final formulations on topology, the Four Discourses and the formulae of sexuation.  A wideranging discussion in which Fierens participated is recorded in The Letter (no41, summer 2009)

2(b. THE PSYCHOANALYTIC DISCOURSE: A Second Reading Of Lacan’s Etourdit  (2012)

Fierens’ second text takes an entirely different approach from his earlier work in 2002. The current work is an interpretation of Lacan’s Etourdit, reflecting Fierens’ understanding of this text.

3. Guy Le Gaufey  A critical reading of Lacan’s formulae of sexuation (Le pastout de Lacan).

This book which the author has described as an instrument de travail leads the reader step by logical step along the extraordinarily complex path taken by Lacan in order to arrive in the late 1960’s at some of his most illuminating and controversial positions on the non-relationship between the sexes.  This is complemented by a historical review and an analysis of the peractical clinical consequences of the formulae of sexuation.  The discussion in The Letter (no 39, autumn 2008) in which Le Gaufey participated helps introduce this very important work.


Christian Fierens:

1. ‘Saying notall with reference to Le Gaufey’s ‘Lacan’s notall’, Autumn 2008

2. ‘Foreclosure and Discordance: Is Schizophrenia Thinkable?, Spring 2009

3. ‘Response to Tom Dalzell’, Summer 2009

4. ‘Reading L’etourdit’, Summer 2009

5. The Tool of Diagnosis and Operation of the Mathème, Spring 2012

Frederic Gros:

5. ‘Note on sexuality in the work of Michel Foucault’, Autumn 2000

Claude Landeman:

6. ‘Pascal’s wager’, Spring 2001

Jean-Pierre Lebrun:

7. ‘The 21st century will be Lacanian or it will be Barbarian’, Summer 2000

Charles Melman:

8. ‘Paranoia’, Summer1994

9. ‘Addiction’, Summer 1999

10. ‘Returning to Schreber: 15th December 1994’, Summer 2002

11. ‘George Best and the Names of the Father’, Spring 2006

12. ‘Schreber’s Lack of Lack’, Spring 2009

13. ‘What Thrilled Me in Fierens Book’, Summer 2009

Jean Allouch:

14. ‘Fragilities of Analysis’ Autumn 2014 

Barry O’Donnell:

15. ‘Notes on the Greek Expressions in Fragilities of Analysis’, Autumn 2014