These translations were originally done for a reading group of colleagues and graduates which has met since 1987.  Each translation was drafted during the summer vacation, was worked through on a weekly basis by the group and then given its present form.

Tony Hughes has undertaken the task of putting the original photocopies of the seminars into a presentable form.  Here is his description of where the work is at:

a)      All seminars will be updated to improve readability and give a more professional finished product. This requires a very large number of adjustments, given the number of seminars involved.

b)      The following seminars have the diagrams inserted: Seminars V, VI, VIII, IX, X, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII, XIX,XIXa XX, XXI, XXII, XXIII, XXIV.

d)      As each of the seminars is completed it will be added to the website and the existing version will be removed.

e)      We are also in the process of uploading Cormac’s original recordings and these will be added when they are available. Note that these were originally recorded for transcription purposes.


Seminars of Jacques Lacan 1973-1980

*=Translated by Cormac Gallagher

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Book Year Title


I 1953-4 On psychoanalytic technique


II 1954-55 The ego in Freud’s theory


III 1955-56 Freudian structures in the psychoses


IV 1956-57 Object relations


V* 1957-58 The formations of the unconscious


VI* 1958-59 Desire and its interpretation


VII 1959-60 The ethics of psychoanalysis

Ethics Audio 

VIII* 1960-61 Transference

 Transference Audio 

IX* 1961-62 Identification – Amended by MCL 7.NOV.2011                 

Identification Audio 

X* 1962-63 Anxiety -Revised 10-05-2012  Anxiety Audio
XI 1964 The foundations of psychoanalysis


XII* 1964-65 Crucial problems for psychoanalysis

Crucial Problems Audio

XIII* 1965-66 The object of psychoanalysis

The Object of Psychoanalysis 

XIV* 1966-67 The logic of phantasy

Logic of Phantasy Audio 

XV* 1967-68 The psychoanalytic act


XVI*XVII* 1968-691969-70 From an other to the Other
 L’envers: The other side of psychoanalysis


XVIII* 1970-71 On a discourse that might not be a semblance


XIX* 1971-72 …Ou pire… Or worse

…Ou pire… Or worse Audio 

XIXa* 1971-72 The knowledge of the psychoanalyst

The Knowledge of the Psychoanalyst Audio 

XX* 1972-73 Encore


XXI* 1973-74 Les Non Dupes Errent Part 1Les Non Dupes Errent Part 2Les Non Dupes Errent Part 3

Les Non Dupes Errent Audio 

XXII* 1974-75 RSI

RSI Audio 

XXIII* 1975-76 Joyce and the Sinthome Part 1Joyce and the Sinthome Part 2

Joyce and the Sinthome Audio 

XXIV* 1976-77 L’insu que sait…Seminar XXIV Final Sessions 1 -12 1976 – 1977.


XXV* 1977-78 The Moment to Conclude
XXVI 1978-79 Topology and time


XXVII 1980 Dissolution




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